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We are a collaboration of ladies who are passionate about quilting!


Vanita Roychoudhry – Tour Escort/Quilter/Teacher

Vanita has been a passionate quilter for over 20 years.  She loves all parts of the process, but enjoys freemotion quilting a whole lot! She left behind a career in IT to concentrate on her passion for quilting. She runs her own business “Vanita’s Quilting Services”, teaches at her local Quilt store and is the editor Australian Patchwork & Quilting and Handmade magazines, as well as a contributor. Many of her patterns have been published in both magazines. She is also the current president of AMQA and somewhere in the midst of all of that, she is a wife, mother to five children (two in-laws) and three fur babies!

She was born in India and grew up in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India.  She has traveled extensively in India (and around the world) and knows how much quilters enjoy learning new skills and the history of quilting in other countries, meeting like minded folk, building friendships and shopping, shopping and more shopping.  She is an ideal guide within India, ensuring all the travelers in her care are well looked after, learn awesome new things and enjoy this special trip. She speaks the local language, understands the culture and knows where the bargains are!

Vanita looks forward to escorting you on this tour!



Tina Katwal – Tour adviser/guide/teacher

Tina is currently the owner of “The Square Inch” in Chennai, which is a quilters haven in this part of the country! She teaches quilting, is an accredited Bernina dealer and lives in Chennai with her husband and two beautiful daughters. Tina’s journey into quilting started with her sewing traditional Indian fashion for her friends, then onto her blog and resulted in her establishing the Desi Quilters facebook group.  Boasting over 2000 members, the group reaches all corners of the globe, including here in Australia! The Square Inch offers all kinds of quilting education, fabric, notions and a quilting service as well as being a dealership for Bernina.


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Deepa Subramanian – Travel Agent Extraordinaire!

Deepa is the Director of Shakti Holidays, dedicated to tailoring memorable experiences for travelers to India! She is very experienced in all areas of travel within India and offers tours to suit every traveler.  Deepa prides herself in exceeding the expectations of her customers and testimonials on her FB page are a tribute to her service.

” Hi, I am Deepa, your Tour Manager in India.

I take a lot of pride in all the incredible aspects of India and so have made a career choice of showcasing India to discerning travellers. Shakti Holidays, the Tour Company I founded, gives wings to the holiday dreams of our clients. Passion for all things Indian, especially the most unique, antique and bizarre got me into designing special interest programs like the quilting program you are now considering.

With a Master’s in Tourism Administration from Pondicherry University and over a decade long experience in designing and executing unique tour experiences for our clients, I was keen on taking the entrepreneurial route to do what I immensely loved. Founding Shakti Holidays gave me the space to explore the spirit and ethos of India.

Every tour I create and execute is a learning experience for me. Wondering about the questions western visitors raise during cultural tours pushes me to delve into all the intriguing aspects of India.

I live in the city of Chennai in the southern-most part of India, with my husband and two teenage children.

I love fabrics, especially because they speak about the culture and lifestyle of the people who work on them. This is what got me to team up with Vanita and Tina to present this quilting adventure for you. Hope you enjoy the experience with us.”

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