Travel/Activities queries – who can come along

I have kids with me, can they come and if so can they attend the workshop with me?

The tour is geared towards quilters and adults.  Children aged 12 and over may be able to participate in the activities, so could be included.  Children under this age limit will not be able to attend this tour.

I have mobility issues, will I be able to participate in this tour?

The tour activities like visiting the monuments require a reasonable level of mobility and fitness as there is some walking involved. Some sites do have stairs and will require climbing. India does not always cater for wheelchairs and lifts and many monuments are ancient and without these facilities. Please be guided by your own ability to make this trip.  The workshop activities may cater for some mobility issues. Please contact us if you have any further queries.

Is this tour only for quilters?

No this tour is not only for quilters, it caters for anyone who is passionate about textiles, embroidery or quilting. We actively encourage you to bring your partners along as the touring activities are common. The visits to sites and monuments is open to everyone! We will make special arrangements  for alternate activites on workshop days for partners who do not wish to participate.  However the block printing workshops are a lot of fun for everyone.

I want to take my partner with me. What can she/he do when I am attending the workshops?

We  organise alternate activities for partners. If he/she is interested in joining the activities, please specify it when filling out the form. Some activites may include trips to wildlife sanctuaries, golf and tours to other places of interest. Depending on the number of attendees, these alternatives are possible

I want to skip certain  activities. Is it possible?

The tour and activities has been carefully packaged to provide an all inclusive price.  You are welcome to not attend any visits to sites or workshops if you prefer to spend the day relaxing at your hotel. However, if you do not want to participate in a certain activities, there will be no refund for those activities.

Is there an extra cost for the additional activities?

All activities and visits described in the itinerary are included in the overall cost. The hotels sometimes offer additional activities like spas, massages, shopping henna artists, palmistry etc. These are not included in the price, but travelers are welcome to participate at their own costs.

What happens to the activities if it’s raining?

All activities are weather proof. It will still go ahead even if it’s raining.

Will there be any extra time to ourselves?

Yes, the tour is scheduled in a way that you will have free time between activities. Please check the itinerary for details.

What is included in the price?

Please visit the costs page for a comprehensive list of inclusions.